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Elevate Magazine - JULY 2007

An article contrasting the new Smart Lipo procedure with older liposuction techniques such as SAL (Suction assisted liposuction), PAL (Power assisted liposuction) and UAL (Ultrasonic assisted liposuction), and Tumescent (or wet Liposuction). The general conclusion is that some doctors resist newer techniques due to the high cost of the equipment (lasers), which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. So the newest procedures are performed by a relatively small number of progressive doctors who are willing to risk the financial investment in an effort to provide better result for their patients.

Star Magazine - JULY 2006

Reporter Suzanne Rozdeba looks at the new Smart-Lipo procedure, and which stars are secretly having it done. Demi Moore, Star Jones Reynolds, and The Rock are among the names mentioned in her article. "Lunchtime Lipo", as she calls it, is sweeping the Hollywood A-list. "It only takes about 20 minutes and you can drive yourself home".

Elle Magazine - SEPTEMBER 2006

This article focuses on the less invasive aspect of Smart Lipo. The technique discussed involves no suction at all and allows the fat that has been liquefied to be absorbed by the lymph system like the body's other metabolic by-products. "Since there is no need for a large cannula to suction out solid fat, the incisions are much smaller and do not require stitches".

People Magazine - NOVEMBER 2006

Reporters Allison Adato and Nancy Matsumoto track the progress of an actual Smartlipo patient. Colleen Donovan said that despite working out with a trainer three times a week she had resigned herself to the idea that her inner thighs would always touch. That is until she discovered Smart Lipo, the new laser liposuction that is sweeping the country.